About the author

ANU PhD Researcher Sydney Kingstone in Canberra. ©Ray Strange, Newscorp

Hello!  I am a PhD Researcher of Linguistics with the School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics at the Australian National University, and a Psychology Tutor with the ANU Research School of Psychology. I hold a MSc in English Language Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, UK, and a BA in Social Psychology and Psycholinguistics from Smith College in MA, USA.

My research combines Social Psychology and Language Attitudes with Sociolinguistics and Perceptual Dialectology. While focusing primarily on language attitudinal research, my interests extend to language and identity, onomastics, English language history, contact linguistics, and dialectology.

Please continue browsing the website and feel free to direct any comments or questions to sydney.kingstone@anu.edu.au.